Sunday, 2 December 2012

Something About My Weekend!

This weekend I had an absolute wonderful and relaxing time. I didn't have any deadlines hanging over me, and I enjoyed it to the full.
Yesterday I was home most of the day. I have been wanting chicken legs for the past week and I thought I would make a nice lunch since I had the time. When they didn't have any free range chicken legs at the supermarket I decided to do a roast instead. It is in fact the first time I did a roast like this and it might be a little rehearsal for Christmas where I may have to cook an even bigger bird, so it was nice that it turned out really good.
Today was another great Sunday. Like that past 4 sundays the weather has been amazingly sunny and as I was walking home I thought to myself that I could deal with having everyday grey if there was a promise that every sunday would be like this. A lot of my friends in Copenhagen posted pictures of a snowy Denmark but I am not the least jealous.
I decided to have a day without my computer (well at least until now), it seemed like a good idea considering the good weather. I managed to do quite a lot of stuff, I hang up pictures in our empty frames, which were a long time coming. I finished a homemade Christmas present. I went for a walk (More about that) and tried out a new coffee spot which was love at first sight. I also discovered the nice little sunday marked at Chatsworth Road, where I made a great deal buying tree flowered vintage bedsheets.
I also managed to bake a cake and go for a run. Quite amazing what there is time for without the internet to interfere.
Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Chicken with homemade sweet potato gnocchi and vegetables. 

A frame with Michael's stuff and one with mine


Sometimes it is nice to see a house with color, there are too few of those here in London

Getting the lichts ready for Christmas

There is a child with a cold hand out there.

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